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Application & Submission Forms

Commercial Submissions, Applications & Supplemental Forms

Milnco New UW Submission Application

Milnco CGL Application

Milnco Umbrella Liability Application

Milnco Farm Umbrella Application

Milnco New Business Application - Welders

Milnco Custom Spray Applicators Application

Milnco Vacant Land Questionnaire

Milnco Rented Dwelling Application

Milnco Vacant and Unoccupancy Application

Milnco Builders Risk Project Value Worksheet

Milnco Apartment Occupancy Questionnaire

Milnco Short Line Railroad Liability Application

Milnco Liquor Liability Questionnaire

Milnco Motor Truck Cargo Application

Economical Forestry Segment Application

Economical Waste Management Segment Application


Cyber and Technology Liability Applications

CFC Technology Companies TECH Application

CFC Cyber Application

Ascent CyberPro Application

Sovereign General Cyber Liability - Intellect Application

Sovereign Cyber Endorsement Supplemental Application


Professional Liability Applications

Milnco E&O Application - New Business Application

Milnco E&O Application - Renewal Application

Milnco Accounting Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Alternate Dispute Resolution Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Appraiser Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Employment or Placement Agency Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Independent Adjuster Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Personal Counsellors or Social Workers or Theologist Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Title Searcher Services Supplemental Application

Milnco Travel Agent Services Supplemental Application

CFC ProSurance Application

CFC Oil & Gas Professionals Application

CFC MEDIA Application


Directors and Officers Liability Applications

Milnco Not For Profit Application - New Business

Milnco Not For Profit Application - Renewal Business

CFC Management Liability ExecSurance Application


Western General Application Forms

Western New Premier Dairy Application

Western General Farm Application

Western General Limited Farm Pollution Liability Questionnaire

Western New Premier Poultry Application


Western Surety Application Forms

Western Surety Commercial Surety Short Form - Revised - February 2013 - Regina

Western Surety Form E - April 2013


Personal Lines Applications

Combination Furnace Questionnaire

Fireplace Insert Questionnaire

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Questionnaire

Oil Tank Questionnaire

Sewer Backup Application

Rental Dwelling Questionnaire

Vacancy Questionnaire

Home Run Business Application

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