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Personal Insurance - For Manitoba and Saskatchewan risks only

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Milnco Insurance offers a variety of products to suit every individual’s Insurance needs.

Our products include:

  • Homeowners
  • Seasonal Homeowners
  • Condominiums
  • Tenants Packages
  • Stand Alone Seasonals; including Northwestern Ontario


Your home is your one of your most prized possessions. Why not ensure it is protected against all possible risks. Milnco will work with you to determine what type of coverages would be best for you in the event of a loss. Milnco offers coverage for woodheat stoves with no additional surcharge as well. Let us create peace of mind for you.  Rest assured, you home is in good hands.

Seasonal Homeowners

Do you have a second residence that offers you peace and quiet from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life? Let us take care of ensuring your residence and contents are protected against possible perils such as wind, rain, vandalism so you can enjoy your time away knowing you are covered in the event of any loss.


Our Condominium policies include a broad spectrum including Unit Improvements, Contents as well as Liability insurance. Working together with you, our staff will ensure you are comfortable with your coverage today and in the future.

Tenants Packages

You’re renting an apartment and you accidentally damage the walls when moving your furniture around, or what if you have a visitor over and they hurt themselves on your premises. Are you covered for any liability that results from either of these scenarios? As a tenant, do you know your personal contents are not covered by your landlord’s insurance policy? Our Tenants package is designed to cover your personal and Tenant’s Legal Liability as well as your belongings such as electronics, furniture, and clothing. Let us work with you to determine the coverage you feel is best to protect yourself and your possessions.

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